Monday, July 27, 2009


J and I have a dream of finding a larger piece of property to settle on sometime in the future. We are drawn to the atmosphere found up in Midway or Heber. We both love the mountains up there with all the aspens and pine trees. It's just so peaceful and beautiful. Unfortunately it's way out of our price range!! For now we just drive around, point and say, "that would be perfect" or "I would live there".

After golfing today we decided to drive up to Timber Lakes to take a look around. I heard there was property that was very reasonable up there. You can get an acre for $25-30,000. It is a gated community just east of Heber.

We even found a 5 acre lot for 120k. In order to get to that lot we took a road that wasn't quite finished. It was a very steep, dirt/rock road that was more of a 4-wheeling experience than anything. My Honda Accord did great getting up the hill...but I had to get out and help push because it kept stalling out in 1st gear trying to get over some large rocks.
We did get out and look around. Unfortunately the only shoes I had were my golf shoes and some flip flops. I made the best out of the situation and ended up protecting my feet like this...
I'm so glad I did because there were all sorts of pricklies and stinging nettle. Not to mention the various creatures crawling around...

We actually saw two bucks in somebody's yard! We drove by once and they looked like statues on the basketball court. I made J turn around because I thought it was silly to have statues of deer on a basketball court! The deer actually moved a little. I got pretty close before they took off...but I got a pretty good picture!
All in was a great afternoon. We spent some time in the mountains but eventually decided Timber Lakes wasn't the place for us for a few main reasons: one-residents aren't allowed to use water outside which means no flowers or veggie gardens :( two-you can't have fires outside which means no s'mores and there are several other restrictions set in place by the homeowners association.

It was beautiful but not quite what we are looking for. We will find something perfect someday!!

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