Sunday, August 16, 2009


Across the street live the cutest little neighbors ever. We love the whole helps they have two really, really cute little boys. The youngest always comes to our front door to see if Jason can play. He always yells "hello" at the top of his lungs across the street and he always comes over to see what's going on if we are in the front yard.

Today I was sitting in the gutter pulling weeds from the cracks and Ashton rode his bike across the street. I asked him what he was up to and he told me he was going to play with his friend Brigham.

I replied, "that sounds like fun. What is Brigham's last name?"

Ashton scratched his head for 2 seconds and then (with a completely straight face) said, "Brigham Young."

I replied, "that sounds familiar, eh?" I was trying not to laugh at this point...and then felt a little bad because the boy's name could very well be Brigham Young.

Then Ashton said, "Well, it could be Brigham Graham."

With that, Ashton rode off to play with his friend Brigham Young.

Twenty minutes later Ashton and Brigham came down the street and stopped by my house. Ashton politely introduced his friend and went to find Jason. I was chatting it up with Brigham and asked what his last name was. He told me it was Ray.

Brigham...Graham...Ray... It's all the same, right?

Besides...when you are six years you really pay attention to last names? I'm sure I didn't know more than one "Brigham" or "Brooke" there was no need to know last names!

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