Sunday, August 16, 2009

Did Kristen Really Cut Her Hair???

WARNING: This post is completely girly and you might find yourself rolling your eyes at how attached one can actually be to HAIR.

I started out with my normal, long hair...

Ok...some of you were onto the first picture I posted on FB. were right. I didn't have short hair at that point in time :) Photoshop is a very, very powerful tool...but it looked kinda real! I guess the ultimate clue is that I'm in my wedding dress??Well, I finally got the courage up to "just go for it!!" It was time for a change...and I didn't want to be old and have the same haircut I did in high school. If you can call my long mane a haircut?? Long hair was nice cause I didn't have to cut it often...and it was easy to put up.

I called my darling friend Ann and we set up a time for me to chop it off. Some people get nervous when I tell them my friend chopped and colored my hair. She has been doing hair since I wasn't at all worried about her ability. I was mostly worried about my judgement and decision making! I was full of anxiety and worry as I arrived at Ann's house to change things up a bit. Here I am...approaching the moment of no return! Here is my hair right before we started...all squeaky clean! I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love so we had to have at least 10 inches. We cut off 12" with some to spare :)I'm not sure if my expression is saying..."what in the world did I just do?" or "I'm so excited to see how this turns out!" Either way, hair in a ponytail looks so much smaller when it is cut than when it is actually on your head.

I've never cut my hair much shorter than my shoulders and I have never colored it...ever. This time I decided to do things right... Not only did I chop my hair off but I decided to go a bit darker than is normal. I was kind of sad to see the natural highlights go...but I couldn't wait to see what I would look like with a different color. It took forever to color my hair and get it cut. I don't know how women do this!! I'm a little worried about the upkeep...but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

I was quite pleased with the outcome...but it has taken some time to get used to! I just didn't feel quite as glamorous as I did when I had long hair... I struggled for a few days. Then I decided that it doesn't matter what my hair looks like... I'm still the same person. It has grown on me and I love it! I'm already planning my next cut :)


Brooke said...

This was my favorite post yet! I guess I must be girly or something. I totally fell for your facebook picture. haha. I did wonder why you were so dressed up...

I can't believe how long your hair was! It looks so good short. I really love the color too! What a fun change. You have the thickest most beautiful hair, so I am sure whatever you do to it, it will look amazing.

Jason Bellows said...

Haha, Babe, you forgot to mention how you made me take like 50 pictures of your new haircut from all different angles and in all different light conditions so that you could get a good picture for your, errr, our blog. Love you honey.


Empty Nester said...

I LOVE IT!!!! a very SOPHISTICATED look that I think makes you look younger...unless it was J's photography skills. (loved his comment too!)