Monday, August 10, 2009


We seem to have an exceptional number of hornets in our yard. It's a great thing Raid isn't too expensive because we go through it like toilet paper around here!

Lately there have been hornets around our front door all the time. I always try to see where they fly to but never seem to find a nest. I assumed the were making a nest inside our siding but I couldn't figure out where they would fly into.

Today J and I were doing some yard work and we found the biggest hornet nest ever!!! It was hanging in the tree that I was going to trim that same day. I'm glad I didn't start cutting branches before finding this nest. It could have been ugly!!

This nest was the size of a basketball... Unfortunately we were out of we stocked up on the extermination fluid and went to work.

Here is how it all went down...

We actually had to spray the nest a few times... Then we knocked half of it down with a garden hoe. There were still hornets alive inside!!! The next day we sprayed it one more time and finally took care of business.

Now it's back to yard work as normal :)

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