Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Traveling Tales...

I apologize if you get sick of hearing about my traveling tales... I just happen to travel a lot which means I have lots of interesting experiences.

This time I am traveling with my hubby to visit his parents in VA. It's a welcome change from traveling to touraments and I'm starting to get cabin fever from being in Utah for more than a month at a time!

I was a little disappointed that we weren't traveling on Delta because I can check 2 free bags with that airline. I get so miffed that we have to pay in order to check bags. It's the lamest thing ever...and it stresses me out! It's not like we don't pay enough for airline tickets already. Don't get me started on the airlines charging for drinks and other amenities...

We have a somewhat lengthy stay in VA so we couldn't exactly pack light. We each have a suitcase and we combined our golf clubs into one bag so we only had to check 3 items. I know that sounds like a lot but we had to pack for all sorts of activities including (but not limited to): basketball, running, racquetball, golf, canoe/fishing trip, lake house, water skiing, church and whatever else we might decide to do... Unfortunately that means we each need several different items that don't overlap very well! My basketball shoes won't exactly fit in at church...

J checked us in and paid for bags... I greatly appreciated this gesture because I would've been frustrated about paying for the bags...and this way I didn't have to think about it.

We arrived at the airport, checked in and made it through security without a hitch! Score one for us... Our first flight was long but went well. We even got complimentary drinks and a "meal" which was more like a Barbie-sized sack

We got to Houston (for our lengthy, two hour layover) and our second flight was delayed two more hours!!! I immediately got in line at the customer service desk to see if we could get on one of the two earlier flights.

We had to go to the gate and were able to fly standby for free... We go on the plane but were informed our bags wouldn't make it no matter what. We pretty much decided we didn't care if our bags made it...we didn't want to spend 4 hours in the airport.

Turns out the flight we got on (scheduled to leave at 4:45) was delayed until 5:35. No big deal for us since our original 6:30 flight was delayed until 8:30. J and I had a whole row to ourselves and were ecstatic we got on the earlier flight. Unfortunately as soon as we pulled onto the runway a huge Texas-sized lightening storm moved in over us and we had to sit on the runway for an hour!!! There was no AC and the plane felt like it was 100 degrees inside! There were constantly arms going up to turn the ac dials... We were sweating just sitting in our seats. It was quite miserable.

We finally were able to take off... We started our descent into DCA and were told our plane was in a holding pattern and couldn't land yet. 20 minutes later we started to land and then a few minutes after that we were in a holding pattern again. We were assured our plane had plenty of fuel and we would hold until the airport made a decision.

Apparently there was a lot of errant air traffic because of all the storms in the area. Finally we were able to land...

Ironically enough, we landed at the same time our original flight was supposed to land.

Of course our bags weren't with us and we were deciding if we should wait for the next flight or just come back the next day. We really wanted our stuff because we wanted to play basketball in the morning. J could borrow Pops' stuff but I still needed some shoes and a sports bra. Pops couldn't furnish those two items for me unfortunately.... or maybe fortunately? I might wonder if he was able to let me borrow those items :)

We went to the baggage office and explained our situation. The employee told us that normally the airline doesn't deliver bags if you willingly fly standby on a flight...but since we were being so cool he would have them delivered...probably at 2-3 in the morning if that worked.

Long story short...our bags were delivered at 10 am this morning..J was able to play and I got a few extra hours of sleep today. I guess it was a win/win situation...but I would've preferred to play ball!!


Brooke said...

Traveling can be such a hassle! You sure know how to work the system though Kristen! I am impressed.

We are supremely jealous of your 11 days in Virginia. Have fun on the canoe trip, just don't tell Zach exactly how much fun it was. It would break his little heart.

Empty Nester said...

I am thrilled to see you adding comments to your blog again. I guess I hadn't checked it since June!! Will be checking frequently from now on. I only wish I had 1/16th of the athleticism and "nerve" that you do.