Saturday, October 17, 2009

October MTB

This year was a bit crazy as far as weather is concerned. It stayed warm for an incredibly long time... A few years ago, the day after Halloween, J and I were skiing in the back country at Brighton in 4 feet of powder and this year, that same day, I was riding my road bike up Provo canyon. I suppose Utah is known for this type of craziness...

This year we got a lot of mountain bike riding in...and it continued until the snow fell. This mid-October day we were riding in the mountains and J was in shorts and a t-shirt!

Koda in front...where she loves to be....

I was riding so fast that the picture might be a little blurry :)

Jason and the puppy....

Snow on Mt. Timp...we think it was from an upper elevation storm...but could still be from last year?

Overall, an amazing day for a ride!!!

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