Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Golden Yellow

I absolutely adore nature... Everything about it is amazing. I love to look at it, play in it and to be surrounded by it.

This particular tree is just our good ol' apricot tree in the backyard...but somehow it seemed magical this evening. The day after I took these pics it snowed and the leaves all fell off. I'm so glad I captured it's "glow".

Colors in nature are awesome...and so is our puppy :) She snuck into a few pics somehow!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Before Thanksgiving?!

Ok guys...this has gone far enough!! Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas...but it's not until the end of December... What in the world are people thinking putting up...AND TURNING ON their Christmas lights November 6th?

It's kind of funny because after the first person turns theirs on....it's like a race for everyone else to put theirs up and turn them on. We do usually put ours up around Turkey Day....but we don't EVER turn them on until after the November holiday....